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Purchasing real estate on Curacao is not as difficult as most consumers expect. Below I listed the steps of the purchase process in Curacao. I also listed the answers to the questions I receive from all my buyers and sellers.

The buyers costs are 6% off the purchase price. The six procent will be added on top of the agreed purchase price. The costs exist out of transfer tax (4%) and notary costs (aprox. 2%)

On average it takes 6 week to close a deal. When it’s a cash deal it can be quicker.

No, the notary does all the work.

Interest rates vary between 5.25% up to 7%

If you’re not a cash buyer the first thing I would advise you to do is get a pre approval at a local bank.  Don’t look to much at the specific amount you will spent at the home itself but consider the monthly costs that you will have to pay.

This varies per person , these days you can get many detailed info online about the listings. Many listings also have you tube videos which you can check out. There is no real number to answer this question. The main thing is do you home work and see the amount of listings you feel good with.

Basically , how low can we go?? This is a question I hear allot. On average buyers negotiate approximately 3 t0 5% of the asking price in Curacao. There is no real rule for this number , so it’s important to discuss this with your agent before you are thinking to make an offer.

Yes , depending on the amount you will invest you can get an investors permit. The minimum amount that needs to be invested to apply for such a permit is US$ 300.000,-

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