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Carnival blog

Are you planning to move to Curaçao during the first quarter of the year? We say YES, this is the best time to fall in love with the island, why… because it’s the Carnival season! Carnival is one of the most anticipated events on the island. During almost 5 weeks, the whole island and community converts into one big colorful party through different group

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5 home décor trends for 2020

The new year has arrived and we all want to revamp our home to make it as comfortable and stylish as possible but without changing much. With every new year there are new trends, here’s my top 5 decorating trends for 2020. Black appliances Black appliances are not necessarily a new trend but are becoming increasingly popular, basically an only option for kitchen, bathroom

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5 Tips for making your home more valuable and sell faster

Preparing a home for viewers is important. It will ensure that the property is sold faster and can potentially increase its value. Here are 5 tips to make your home more valuable. Fresh paint Give your wall a fresh coat of paint to make your home seem lighter and bigger. This will enable viewers to imagine more easily how they will adapt the rooms

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Real estate agent fees in Curaçao

Thinking about moving, but you have no idea how to sell your house? The fastest and easiest way is to hire a real estate agent. However, that will sometimes be an extra expense that was not in your budget. Real estate agent fees vary depending on the area and level of work required with selling your home. These are the following fees that real

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Valuation report

A valuation report is a way to determine the value of a property through an opinion of the use of data. A property is valued by comparing homes that are sold and bought near the area and by creating an appraisal based in location, amenities, structural condition and recent sales of similar local properties. Why do you need a valuation report? A valuation report

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Home improvement in Curaçao Part II

Are you planning on buying a new home in Curaçao? Are you thinking about remodeling or redecorating your current home?  Here is a list of 4 companies to visit for home furniture and appliances.  Check out my blog “Home improvement in Curaçao part I” for more home improvement companies on Curaçao. Kooyman: is located at Kaya W.F.G. Mensing 44, Zeelandia. This retail store has

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