5 home décor trends for 2020

The new year has arrived and we all want to revamp our home to make it as comfortable and stylish as possible but without changing much. With every new year there are new trends, here’s my top 5 decorating trends for 2020.

  1. Black appliances
    Black appliances are not necessarily a new trend but are becoming increasingly popular, basically an only option for kitchen, bathroom and laundry room updates.
  2. Vertical gardens
    A technique used to grow plants on a vertically suspended panel. Home owners are finding more and more creative ways to bring the outdoors in and add some color to their walls. Vertical garden walls not only introduce a splash of green but adds texture and shapes the home.
  3. Art Deco Lighting
    Bye bye mid-century lighting, hello art deco lighting. Symmetrical patterns and geometric details creates a distinctive and futuristic effect into your home giving it a modern but sleek accent.
  4. Showcase pantries
    Pantries are nothing new, but they will take center stage in 2020 as homeowners seek better and more organized ways to store foods and canned goods.
  5. Going green
    Going green and using sustainable and recycled materials is slowly but steadily becoming part of our lives. There is definitely a demand for sustainable décor materials, from glass jars that are used for flower arrangements to recycled bottles that become furniture.

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