Real estate agent fees in Curaçao

Thinking about moving, but you have no idea how to sell your house? The fastest and easiest way is to hire a real estate agent. However, that will sometimes be an extra expense that was not in your budget. Real estate agent fees vary depending on the area and level of work required with selling your home. These are the following fees that real estate agent adheres to.

Commission: An agent’s commission is calculated as the percentage of the home’s selling price. In Curaçao the average commission is between 4%, this is different per company and agent. If hiring Nick Hoetmer, this commission percentage is including full marketing package: web ads, Facebook, a professional house/property video, drone footage of the house and an open house. This percentage also includes drawing up purchase agreement (through explanation of the agreement), compiling file compliance for notary and the communication with notary. It does not include the valuation report. These costs usually come for account of the buyer.

Other realtors can charge less, however their service might exclude services like marketing!

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